Advising Plans

Here is an alphabetical list of available certifications:

All Level Art (grades EC-12)
All Level Health (grades EC-12)
All Level Music (grades EC-12)
All Level Physical Education (grades EC-12)
Educational Diagnostician (grades EC-12) (professional certificate, graduate level)
English Language Arts and Reading (grades 4-8)
English Language Arts and Reading (grades 8-12)
English as a Second Language Supplemental (grades NA)
Generalist (grades EC-4)
Generalist (grades 4-8)
Gifted and Talented Supplemental (grades EC-12)
History (grades 8-12)
Journalism (grades 8-12)
Life Sciences (grades 8-12)
Mathematics (grades 4-8)
Mathematics (grades 8-12)
Mathematics/Science (grades 4-8)
Physical Sciences (grades 8-12)
Principal (grades EC-12) (professional certificate, graduate level)
Reading Specialist (EC-12)
School Counselor (grades EC-12) (professional certificate, graduate level)
Science (grades 4-8)
Social Studies (grades 4-8)
Social Studies (grades 8-12) (persons desiring to teach a social science in the secondary school, including political science, government, history and economics, must major in that field and meet the requirements of the social studies certificate program)
Special Education (grades EC-12)
Special Education Supplemental (grades NA)
Speech (grades 8-12)
Superintendent (grades EC-12) (professional certificate, graduate level)
Technology Applications (grades 8-12) (graduate classification required)