1.         Am I eligible?

               Any Texas resident who completes the freshman, sophomore or junior year of high school, was enrolled in a state approved program for gifted students or was in a state approved honors or advanced placement course; or displays outstanding achievement and performance; and completes and returns the application packet by May 11, 2018 is eligible to apply to the Texas Governor’s School.

2.         How will students be selected?

            The selection of students is based on a review of the application package, which includes a counselor information form, a formal transcript, two teacher recommendation forms, and a personal data form. The application packet is reviewed by a student identification committee composed of local educators from across the state who have experience with gifted/talented students. One hundred students will be selected for the TGS.

3.         Where will the Texas Governor’s School be located?

            The school will be located at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

4.         What will I study while at the Texas Governor’s School?

            Content areas offered will emphasize advanced content in STEM, the Humanities and leadership in a global society. Additionally, courses stressing communication skills, and ethical decision-making skills will be provided. All courses meet Monday through Friday. Speaker seminars are offered each evening to supplement course work.

5.         Who will be included on the staff of the program?

             College professors, local educators, and professionals from the private sector will make up the teaching staff of the Texas Governor’s School.

6.         When will I know if I have been selected?

            All applicants will be notified of their status by May 25, 2018.

7.         How much will it cost to attend the Texas Governor’s School Program?

Students will be expected to pay their transportation expenses to and from the school, and there will be a student fee of $350 (checks made out to Lamar University-Governor’s School). Scholarships are available to cover the $350 fee to students who qualify for free lunch. Room and board will be covered through grants.

8.         Do I have to attend the entire session?

            Yes, you are expected to attend the entire session. Should you have conflicting plans, you should reconsider making application to the program. TGS is a three week residential program to provide students a “taste” of college.

9.         What if I have an emergency?

      Parents or guardians will be contacted immediately in the event of such an emergency and will be responsible for medical expenses if treatment is required off-campus. All students who attend the school will be required to complete a medical form as part of their acceptance forms.

10.       Can I be accepted if I have special dietary or other needs?

            Yes, every effort will be made to accommodate special needs. This information needs to be requested in your acceptance forms.

11.       How can I get additional information about the Texas Governor’s School?

            General information about the Texas Governor’s School will be available on the web for all local school districts with students who are eligible to participate, so your school counselor or principal may be able to assist you. Our E-mail address is: ( You may call the Texas Governor’s School staff, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas (409-880-2316) for further information. Collect calls will not be accepted.


1. Where will students stay while attending TGS? Students will be housed in Cardinal Village IV which is next to the John Gray Center. All meals will be provided in the Dining Hall. Most of the TGS classes will be held nearby. Male and female participants will be assigned to separate floors  and two students will share a suite including two bedrooms, a bath and kitchen/living room area. The counselors will be assigned rooms next to the students and a Resident Life Assistant will work with the counselors in assigning rooms and monitoring residence life.

2. What is the ratio of students to teaching staff or students to counselors?

The maximum number of students in any class will be 20, so the ratio of teachers to students is l to 20.   Each counselor will be assigned 10 young men or women to work with during the three weeks and that ratio of students to counselors is 10 : 1.

3. Are TGS students separated from Lamar University students?

TGS will have separate classes and separate activities from the regular Lamar students.

4. Will there be a curfew?

Yes, students will be required to be in their room at 11:00 pm. each night and lights out at 11:30 pm.

5. Are there laundry facilities available?

There are laundry facilities available and there is no cost for washers/dryers, but bring detergent.

6. What items are not permitted at the Governor’s School?

Video games, televisions, electric fans, electric heaters, fireworks, explosives, cigarettes or smoking materials, tobacco products, butane lighters, halogen lamps, candles, incense, skates (of any kind), skateboards, scooters (of any kind), bicycles, weapons (of any kind), toys that look like weapons, walkie-talkies, and handcuffs (or anything like that). Anything illegal to you as a minor or otherwise is strictly forbidden including alcohol and illegal drugs.