Marketable Skills for M.S. in Nutrition

Program graduates of the 36-hour M.S. in Nutrition have the opportunity to prepare for a career in nutrition and/or nutrition-related fields by developing the following cognitive, interpersonal, adaptive, and applied marketable skills, which are valued by employers. Specifically, the graduate will be able to:

  • Apply innovations in nutrition science and evidence-based nutrition guidelines, using a community nutrition focus.
  • Interpret evidence-based scientific information to enable clients to make informed decisions.
  • Incorporate evidence-based practice, apply research principles, and utilize critical thinking skills in practice.
  • Implement nutrition education and counseling at the individual and community levels.
  • Evaluate and use nutrition in the treatment of various health conditions (i.e., obesity, eating disorders, life cycle issues, sports nutrition).
  • Demonstrate cultural competence to integrate healthy food choices into diverse food patterns.
  • Design nutrition projects that can be implemented based on their expertise and knowledge.
  • Apply adaptive skills in the workplace including leadership, flexibility, maturity, dedication, dependability, and enthusiasm.
  • Assume key roles in a variety of public and private settings, including community and public health, education and research, business and industry, wellness, and media.