Program Completion and Graduation Requirements

Graduate Courses

Students must register, pay the required tuition and fees, and successfully complete the following courses with a B or better and maintain a 3.0 graduate GPA. 

Fall Semester:
NUTR 5304 Advanced Dietetics 1
NUTR 5306 Dietetic Practicum 1
NUTR Elective
NUTR Elective

Spring Semester:
NUTR 5305 Advanced Dietetics 2
NUTR 5307 Dietetic Practicum 2
NUTR 5301 Nutrition Research
NUTR Elective

Summer Semester:
NUTR 5388 Dietetics Capstone
KINT 5365 Stats Application Kinesiology

Successful Program Completion

To meet DI/MS completion requirements, the student must:

1. Successfully complete all admission procedures for the University and the DI/MS including but not limited to criminal background check, immunization requirements, CPR certification, orientation training, initial drug screening, and random drug screening.

2. Pass each of the eight required DI courses as outlined by each of the course requirements and syllabi with a “B” or better.

3. Successfully complete the required number of total supervised practice hours as determined by the Program Director and ACEND. A minimum of 1000 hours of supervised practice with 700 of those hours occurring in a professional setting determined by the program in the SETX region is required.

4. Demonstrate ability to meet Core Competencies for the RDN (CRDNs) by satisfactorily completing rotation requirements (80% or better) and all assignments of the DI/MS.  The Program Director will determine on an individual basis when substitutions or modifications in rotations and assignments can be made and will determine when entry level competency is achieved.

5. Comply with acceptable professional standards of ethics during the DI/MS (Code of Ethics, Student Handbook, and Facility Guidelines). See Appendix B for the Code of Ethics.

6. Display appropriate personal conduct during the DI/MS (Code of Ethics, Student Handbook, and Facility Guidelines).

7. Comply with all preceptor facility professional standards including but not limited to human resource screening, orientation test, immunization requirements, random drug screening, and facility guidelines and policies.

8. Demonstrate adequate verbal and written skills during the DI/MS.

9. Complete and pass the program practice exam (up to 3 times) during Capstone course.

10. Successfully complete all DI/MS program requirements within 150% (18 months) from the start date.

11. LU MS in Nutrition degree conferment required to receive DI verification statement.

When an intern has successfully completed the DI/MS requirements and after the MS in Nutrition degree is conferred by the University, each intern will receive DI verification statements signed by the Program Director. A verification statement will be placed in the student’s permanent file located in the office of the Program Director. The verification statement will be submitted to the Commission on Dietetic Registration for eligibility to take the Registration Examination for Dietitian Nutritionist. The graduates will use the verification statements to establish eligibility to take the Registration Examination for Dietitian Nutritionist and to apply for active membership in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to extend the program longer than 18 months from beginning the program. In the event interns do not successfully complete the DI requirements, interns will be dismissed from the program.