Estimated Cost For DI/MS Program

Estimated Program Expenses: The expenses listed are approximates. Actual cost may be more or less than estimates as of Fall 2023. The expenses listed below are approximations. Actual cost* may be more or less than these estimates.

A. Monthly living expenses

  1. Housing (Minimum) 800.00
  2. Other essentials 300.00
  3. Transportation 450.00
  4. Miscellaneous supplies, parking, copying fees. 100.00

Estimated Expense $1650.00 per month

B. Minimum Program Expenses: Based on two long semesters (taking 12 credit hours each semester) and one summer sessions (6 credit hours) = 30 credits required for the DI/MS program
  1. Insurance
    a. Student malpractice insurance 35.00
    b. Health insurance (student policy) 2500.00
  2. Lamar University tuition and fees 10000.00
    (Texas resident or Out-of-state e-tuition rate)
  3. Textbooks and reference books 500.00
  4. Criminal background check & drug testing 150.00
  5. Immunizations 200.00
  6. Appropriate professional clothing 250.00
  7. Student membership in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 58.00
  8. Hand calculator 10.00
  9. Registration and expenses for Texas ACE 400.00
  10. Inman Review 385.00
  11. Application fee for Registration Exam 200.00
  12. Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics membership 234.00               

Program Estimated Expense: $14914.00

Cost subject to vary based on the student need and are subject to increase.

Withdrawal/Dismissal and Refund of Tuition/Fees

Dietetic Interns may withdrawal from the Lamar University dietetic internship program at any time. The Program Director will request the intern place the withdrawal from the program in writing. If an intern withdraws from the program, LU tuition and fees may be refunded based on the LU tuition refund policy. No refunds will be given for application fees, computer-matching fees, or other costs incurred to prepare for supervised practice, such as required immunizations, insurance, TB skin test, background checking, drug test, etc. LU tuition and fees may not be refunded if past the late drop and withdrawal deadlines. Dietetic Interns can be dismissed from the Lamar University dietetic internship program as outlined in the Program Dismissal section of the handbook. The Program Director &/or Department Chair will notify the intern in writing. LU tuition and fees may be refunded based on the LU tuition refund policy.


For the LU Academic Calendar for all Registration and Withdrawal deadlines, see:


For the LU Graduate Student Withdrawal Policies, see: