Distance Education and Technology Requirements

Assignments, exams, and projects are utilized in the online graduate program courses to assess the appropriate knowledge and skill level of students. Students will utilize Lamar University’s Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Ultra, for online courses. Students are expected to have basic computer skills, be able to utilize Word/PowerPoint platforms and have the below minimum technical skills. Exams and quizzes taken within Blackboard will require online proctoring through Honorlock. The proctoring settings require students to verify their identity through an idea, share their video and audio during the exams.  Students are required to have reliable and accessible internet and computer to be successful in the class. Additionally, they should feel confident about their ability to navigate through typical online websites and their ability to use common word processing software to submit written assignments.


The minimum technical skills and the system requirements for this course:

  • Navigate websites, including downloading and reading files from them
  • Use e-mail, including attaching and downloading documents/files
  • Save files in commonly used word processing formats (.doc, .docx)
  • Copy and paste text and other items in computer documents
  • Save and retrieve documents and files on your computer
  • Locate information on the internet using search engine
  • Locate information in the library using the online catalog