B.S. Family Studies

family studies degree lamar university

As a Family Studies major, you will explore in-depth the interrelationships among a family and its connection to a larger community, the socialization of the child, and human interaction throughout the lifespan. 

You'll complete an internship at a community agency related to your primary interests. Your professional goals will determine your courses and specialization:

  • Families and Health
  • Families, Law and Public Policy
  • Family Social Science Research
  • Family Life Education and Guidance
  • Family Social Services

As a Family Studies graduate, you will be qualified to work in private, non-profit, or government agencies that provide care and services for families and children. We also offer an online family studies 18-hour minor for current students.

Concentration In This Degree

You may concentrate on your B.S. in Family Studies as an educator. Learn more!

B.S. Family Studies - Teacher Certification