Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Physical Education

Health and Kinesiology - Education

The Kinesiology Physical Education Program of study prepares the student for a teaching career in kinesiology. The kinesiology teaching certification program leads to All-Level (K-12) Teaching Certification.

Our bachelor's degree program in Kinesiology Physical Education will empower you to be a dynamic, active individual in your community, and one who is focused on the overall  health and well-being of those around you. Our program is composed of three sections: health and kinesiology, professional pedagogy, and professional activity. It's flexible so you can do what interests you the most, and while you're here, you'll learn about care and prevention, nutrition and diet, biomechanics, applied fitness concepts and strength and conditioning, among others. Through our program, you'll be prepared for a rewarding and challenging career and will have the opportunity to change lives for the better through a solid foundation of all that you've learned.

Degree Course Requirements


The course of study leading to a baccalaureate degree and teacher certification in Kinesiology encompasses three areas of work:

    1. the required block of professional theory courses (HLTH & KINT) - 38 semester hours,
    2. the required block of professional development courses (PEDG) - 21 semester hours, and
    3. the required block of professional activity courses (KINA) -19 semester hours.

A grade of “C” or better must be earned in each of the kinesiology professional theory courses (HLTH & KINT) and in the professional activity courses (KINA). A student must have completed the English, Math, Biology, Political Science, and History General Education Requirements prior to enrolling in the 3000- and 4000-level professional theory courses (KINT).

For teacher certification in  Kinesiology, the required blocks of professional development courses are READ 3326, PEDG 3300, 3380, 4340 and 4630 and PEDG 2310. A student must be admitted to the College of Education and Human Development’s teacher education program before enrolling in professional development courses (PEDG 2310 is taken prior to admission into the teacher education program).

The required blocks of professional activity courses are KINA 1370, KINA 2378, and KINA 3390. Nine additional hours must be selected from KINA 2370, 2371, 2372, or 2373.