Bachelor of Science in Public Health in Healthcare Administration

Health Students

Our Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health in Healthcare Administration offers you an opportunity to be highly marketable in a world that is increasingly aware of the importance of health and wellness and to impact lives worldwide. Our program contains exciting courses in workplace health promotion, health and wellness, contemporary issues, drug use and abuse, foundations of health, and human diseases, among others.

Work Settings

  • Schools, colleges and university
    • Teach, promote healthful environment, and behaviors- with opportunity for advanced degrees such as M.P.H. and Ph.D.
  • Medical care organization
    • Help patients understand prevention, disease complication, follow doctors recommendations
  • Government, community health agencies and organizations or no-profit agencies.
    • Develop education programs for specific groups, plan, implement and evaluate health programs, conduct workshops, work with media. E.g. Local public health department, CDCs, etc. 
  • Business and industries
    • Assist executives and employees in maintaining and improving their health. Advise companies on health policies, nutrition, fitness, smoke cessations, drug abuse prevention, and stress management. A minor in business or industry programs is advised.