Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Teacher Education

 Kinesiology - Education

The Department of Kinesiology's Physical Education Teacher Education program (PETE) is a four-year bachelor of science degree that develops future teachers and practitioners in the field of Physical Education.

The PETE teaching certification program (PETC) leads to All-Level (EC-12) Physical Education Teaching Certification.

The PETE non-certification program (PETN) includes a minor in coaching and prepares students for a career in private sector coaching and teacher positions.

In the program, students receive valuable hands on experience teaching peers and local students. Students who pursue the Physical Education Teacher Education degree may be interested in teaching physical education for early childhood through 12th grade, team coaching or private lessons, community fitness, private counseling, sport scout, sport psychology*, becoming an instructor*, athletic coordinator* and/or athletic director*.  The PETE degree offers many career opportunities and also is a pathway to graduate-level studies.

Occupations with an *asterisk indicate that a higher degree may be required or preferred before becoming employed in that field.