Degrees and Programs

We offer diverse programs designed around your talents and interests.

Our faculty include award winning chefs, hotel managers, dieticians, and nutritionists; each is professionally and academically equipped to educate and prepare you for the career of your dreams. Choose one of the programs below to learn more.

Bachelor of Science, Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Administration

Foods and Nutrition

NUTRITION: Our flexible degree plan in Nutrition is designed for those who wish to earn a degree focused upon nutrition, yet one who does not plan to pursue becoming a registered dietitian. Our diverse curriculum includes courses in general nutrition, community nutrition, nutrition through the life cycle, nutrition assessment and counseling, and medical nutritional therapy. You'll also take courses in biology, chemistry and a basic pathophysiology course so that you'll have a full understanding of how nutrition works and why it is so important.

dieteticsDIETETICS: Our accredited dietetics bachelor's degree program can equip you with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Our dynamic program includes courses in general nutrition, food science, nutrition through the life cycle and food service management. You'll learn about the body and how food interacts with its systems, and you'll also learn best practices for lifestyle management.
HospitalityHOSPITALITY ADMINISTRATIONCulinary arts facilities and nationally renowned instructor, Chef Charles Duit. The bachelor's degree program prepares specialists in culinary arts, restaurant management, and lodging/property management. Our service-oriented program provides you with hands-on training, networking opportunities, field experience, and other valuable experiences necessary for a high-powered career in the service industry.             

Bachelor of Science, Family Studies

FCS BuildingBy earning your degree in Family Studies, you'll get to study the family unit and its interrelationships with the larger community. Our courses also cover the socialization of the child, and human interaction throughout the lifespan. When you're finished, you'll be qualified to work in private, non-profit, or government agencies that provide care and services for families and children alike.

FCS GeneralFAMILY STUDIES (GENERAL): Students gain a well-rounded education from coursework in a variety of the FCS areas of study, allowing them to customize their program. This enables you to provide marketable flexibility in your appeal to potential employers!

teacher certificationFAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES (TEACHER CERTIFICATION): Here, you will get to participate in coursework that is focused on FCS areas of study combined with a cluster of education courses, positioning you to pursue middle and high school FCS teaching positions.

Bachelor of Science, Fashion Retailing and Merchandising

Fashion RetailingOffering a fascinating look into art, science, and business, a Fashion Retailing and Merchandising degree blends all three disciplines so that you have a well-rounded, solid understanding of the industry, its history, its relationship with business, and how you can make your own impact.

Master of Science in Family and Consumer Science

Foods and NutritionOur graduate degree allows you to choose courses in foods and nutrition, family studies, and other areas within the field. You'll be able to choose among daytime and online courses, and you'll have opportunities to participate in workshops and travel/study tours.

Internship Program in Nutrition and Dietetics

Internship Program in Nutrition and DieteticsLamar University's Internship Program provides its students with learning experiences that have been developed for the purpose of imparting the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to excel as entry-level dietitians.