Employment Outlook for Graduates in Fashion Retailing and Merchandising

The fashion industry is an intriguing blend of art, science, and business—art, in that it is necessary to have an appreciation for the conceptualization and design of clothing; science, in that it is necessary to have an understanding of how textiles and fabrics are produced and manufactured into usable materials; and business, in that it is necessary to understand all aspects of marketing and sales from the manufacturer to the individual consumer and their family.

Successful professionals in the industry have a background in all of three of those areas, and the Fashion Retailing & Merchandising program at Lamar is constructed to achieve that outcome. Students benefit from the expertise of faculty, and also have opportunities to draw upon the knowledge of other executives and managers in the industry.

In addition to their academic work, many Fashion students participate in a variety of career-building and community activities through the student organization, Fashion Merchandising Association.

Some of our most highly motivated students also take advantage of our relationship with the Paris American Academy, traveling to Paris for a 4-week intensive program that allows students to experience up-close the city that is considered the center of the fashion world. While there, students gain exposure to leading professionals in the design, couture, and merchandising areas of the industry, and also take part in a number of fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week.