About the Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

...is characterized by professional disciplines bound by the common theme of rendering service to individuals, families and communities, addressing fundamental human needs.

Undergraduate and graduate students in our programs develop knowledge, skills, and competencies required for careers in nutrition, hospitality, interior design, apparel and textiles, human services, or family and consumer sciences education. Students participating in our courses whose majors lie outside of our degree program also gain enhanced capacity to serve others.

The Department attracts capable students and equips them with the knowledge and skills to raise quality of life at the personal, family, community and global levels.

Faculty members value quality teaching characterized by curriculum innovation, integration of technology, and experiential activities within a setting where students are made to feel that they matter.

In addition, the department facilitates research and internship opportunities that engage students in activities that build social capital, and foster students’ professional growth.

Graduates emerge from their academic career and prepared to transition into meaningful employment with a clear appreciation for lifelong learning, ethical standards, public engagement, and key societal values such as sustainability, responsibility and diversity.

The department consciously affirms its reputation as a group of active, engaged and responsive faculty pursuing the progress of our university, our disciplines, and the local and global community.