Course Descriptions

M.Ed in Digital Learning and Leading (Online)


EDLD 5302 Concepts of Educational Technology [PD to Degree Course].
The Concepts of Educational Technology emphasizes how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can enhance the teaching and learning experience and enable students to lead digital learning.

EDLD 5303 Applying Educational Technology Portfolio [PD to Degree Course].
Evidence-based uses of educational technology in organizations.

EDLD 5304 Leading Organizational Change. Explore current leadership theories and practices for leading digital change in organizational systems. Professional leaders will learn to address the resistance to change that occurs when launching innovative digital learning initiatives in
educational environments.

EDLD 5305 Disruptive Innovation in Education.
Success in leading technological change in your learning environment is directly related to how well you and your organizations are prepared. By embracing technological innovations as opportunities rather than challenges, students will proactively use those changes as catalysts to enhance their organization’s learning environments.

EDLD 5313 Creating Significant Learning Environments. Explore the theories of constructivist epistemology used to create student-centered learning environments. By applying constructivist techniques, students create active and engaging learning environments that utilize technology, increase motivation for learning, and engage the learner.

EDLD 5314 Digital Learning in Local and Global Contexts.
Provides opportunities to explore benefits of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) used in educational environments and the best approaches in which innovative ICT practices have been used for education in local and global contexts.

EDLD 5315 Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction.
Professional educators learn to quantify and
assess student-learning in digital learning environments using practical measurement solutions to overcome the common misperception that abstract concepts such as learning
are immeasurable.

EDLD 5316 Digital Citizenship.
Students examine the critical elements of digital citizenship by interacting with multiple learning communities.

EDLD 5317 Resources for Digital Environments.
This course focuses on ongoing discussion and
analysis of existing digital learning resources to understand and evaluate their practicality and value for educational use.

EDLD 5318 Instructional Design in Online Learning.
Learn the basics of creating effective instructional design for online courses using the Understand by Design framework.

EDLD 5388 Special Topics-Technology.
This course will help students to identify and engage in professional learning opportunities and develop a foundation for their personal learning goals.

EDLD 5320 Synthesis of Digital Learning and Leadership/Capstone.
The purpose of the synthesis course is to provide students with the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge, skills and values gained from the program and field experiences to lead organizational change.