Admission Requirements

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Admissions Step 1 - University Application

Complete the Application Form via ApplyTexas and pay a one-time application fee of $25. For more information about admissions to the Lamar University Graduate Program, see

Submit official, sealed, transcripts from each institution attended to the Admissions Office. All degrees must be from a regionally accredited institution.

Mail to: Lamar University Online Admissions – P.O. Box 10017, Beaumont, TX 77710,


Submit electronically to

GRE Policy
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (institutional bachelor’s degree) requires no GRE
  • Undergraduate GPA between 2.5 and 2.99 (institutional bachelor’s degree) requires a qualifying GRE by the third course, if accepted by the Department.
  • For those applicants within the 2.5-2.99 range in the institutional bachelor’s degree, a last 60 hour count will be performed and if the derived GPA is 3.0 or higher, the applicant will be granted admission on the no-GRE status.
  • Applicants with a GPA below 2.5 in the institutional bachelor’s will not be admitted.

Step 2 - Degree Application  

1) Valid applicant needs to be employed in a position such as PK-12, higher education or corporate training, where they can implement course content and develop portfolio artifacts.

* Admission Appeals

M.Ed. applicants whose first set of GRE scores do not calculate into the admissions score for the required 428 (or 1350 old score set) may appeal by contacting for an appeal packet. If the first appeal is denied, the applicant may retake the GRE and submit the second set of scores for additional consideration along with the contents of the appeal packet. Appeals will not be processed without submitting the results of at least one GRE attempt.

Send all required documents to:

Appeals Committee
Lamar University Academic Partnerships
P.O. Box 10034
Beaumont, Texas 77710