Additional Fees

These fees are required in addition to the $705 (3-hour) tuition.

Distance Learning Fee $120
TK20 - eportfolio system $110


About the Fees

TK20 Requirement 

Aside from your program tuition, you must purchase TK20 and pay for your Instructional Leadership Development (ILD) certificate.

TK20 is a comprehensive assessment system we use to assist with program improvement and accreditation; it is the official electronic portfolio software of Lamar University College of Education and Human Development. Through the TK20 Portal, we collect, process, and archive program-required key assessments, projects, work samples, applications for field experience, practicum logs, professional testing and certification recommendations.

  • The one-time account activation fee of approximately $110 is considered a professional expense incurred as a part of your educator preparation program. Your may utilize your account for seven years from the activation date.
  • You may purchase the program from a link provided on the system’s website or as you would a book from the campus bookstore, and you should make this purchase by Week 3 of your first course, EDLD 5311.

*Note that while the price may be higher at the bookstore, this option will allow for requisite compensation from your financial aid if you are eligible. Information regarding Tk20 is available at the Department of Education’s website: