LCE/TExES Review Seminars

LCE/TExES 068 Preparation Seminars

TExES 068 Principal Certification Exam Seminars
The purpose of the TExES 068 seminars are to help prepare you for the TExES 068 principal certification exam.
These seminars include the option for face-to-face or online sessions addressing the domains and competencies in the Texas
Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) certification examination. In addition, the instructor will provide strategies
and sample test items to familiarize you with the format of the certification test.

Lamar Comprehensive Exam (LCE) Seminars
The Lamar Comprehensive Exam (LCE) is an exam that all program candidates must complete and score a minimum of 80%
for departmental approval to take the TExES 068. 

Master’s candidates will be eligible to take the LCE in EDLD 5397 and Principal  Certification Only candidates in EDLD 5352.
Former students who have not passed the LCE or have been out of the program for one year are required to attend the seminar.

The course contains preparation materials that will assist in you in passing the LCE.

Questions regarding the TExES 068 or the LCE can be sent to Dr. Cortez-Rucker at or Kim Elizondo at

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