Course Descriptions

EDLD 5342-School Finance
The School Finance course is a study of Texas school finance issues and challenges
associated with the superintendent’s position. Course content includes school district
budgeting practices, accountability systems, audit reports and practices, funding
formulas, ethical standards, and administration of funds.

EDLD 5343-Educational Facilities Planning
Educational Facilities Planning provides contemporary information for the school
superintendent on facilities planning, student safety, funding, energy management, new
construction and renovation, and the relationship of appropriate facilities to student
performance. Texas Education Agency facility guidelines and National Clearinghouse for
Educational Facilities information are incorporated into course content.

EDLD 5371-The School Superintendent
The School Superintendent describes the roles and responsibilities of the school district
superintendent with emphasis on five major topics. These topics are: Building
Community Partnerships, Leading School Districts during Change, Demonstrating
Ethical Leadership and Building Relationships, The Superintendent as Instructional
Leader, and The Superintendent as CEO. Course content will introduce knowledge and
skills necessary to being a successful superintendent.

EDLD 5387-Seminar in School Administration
Seminar in School Administration is a course that emphasizes the study of concepts and
principles of school district administration as applied to selected topics and current
challenges associated with the school superintendent.

EDLD 5396-Internship A
The Superintendent Internship/Practicum provides the opportunity to integrate current,
relevant, research with best practices for successful school district leadership. A site
supervisor and Lamar University faculty member will guide the program participant
through course activities and requirements.

EDLD 5399-Internship B
The Superintendent Internship/Practicum is a continuation of your internship/practicum
requirements and activities that include the completion of the Internship Plan,
Professional Development Plan, and Electronic Portfolio. Your site supervisor and Lamar
University faculty member will guide your progress and development