Spotlight on Faculty Awards 2017-2018

A standout characteristic of the Lamar University counseling programs is the dedicated and nationally acclaimed faculty. In 2017, LU’s counseling faculty were acknowledged for their leadership in the field through teaching, research and service.

The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (2017)

Dr. Wendy Greenidge, 2017 Outstanding Teaching Award – in teaching, Dr. Greenidge was selected amongs candidates who are counselor educators across universities in the US for the honor of outstanding teaching. Her leadership for strong relationships and mentoring were among the many characteristics that represent her dedication to teaching. 

Dr. Robert Carlisle, 2017 Outstanding Article of the Year – in research, Carlisle and colleagues were selected among candidates who are counselor educators across universities in the US for the distinction of Outstanding Article of the Year in Counseling Education and Supervision. This article has been widely read to influence the important factors of technology in counseling education and supervision.

Carlisle, R. M., Hays, D. G., Pribesh, S. L., & Wood, C. T. (2017). Educational Technology and Distance Supervision in Counselor Education. Counselor Education and Supervision, 56(1), 33-49. doe: 10.1002/ceas12058 

The American Counseling Association (2017)

Dr. Brande Flamez, 2017 Dr. Judy Lewis Counselors for Social Justice Award – in service, Dr. Flamez was selected among candidates across the country who are counselors and/or counselor educators in honor of her global work toward social justice. 

Lamar University (2018) 

Dr. Mohammad Hamza, The Lamar University Distinguished Faculty Research/Creative Activity Fellowship 2018 – Dr. Hamza was selected for the honor of becoming LU’s distinguished faculty research/creative activity fellow in 2018 for his outstanding performance in research on the community and global levels across his academic career.