Integrative Mentoring Partnerships and Care Teams

IMPaCT is a specialized training program, funded through Heath Resources and Services Administration for a Behavioral Health Workforce grant #M01HP31307. Students who are accepted into the program receive a $10,000 stipend support for their fieldwork placement to establish a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach for behavioral health services to children and adolescents in the school and community.

Participation in IMPaCT

Each IMPaCT student is unique and each IMPaCT community is unique. As part of the training program, students will gain experience in creating an IMPaCT plan to fit their own career goals based on their surrounding community resources and needs.

If you are accepted into the M.Ed. in Counseling and Development, you are eligible to participate in the IMPaCT opportunity. You can apply to IMPaCT at any point in your program. The IMPaCT program provides funding to 35 students each year to implement the coordinated services between schools and communities.

IMPaCT Student Leaders

  • Obtain a primary field experience site and a secondary field site, one of which is a pre-K - 12 school, and the other of which is a behavioral health provider
  • Receive specialized training in coordinating behavioral health services for integrated healthcare specific to children, adolescents and transitioning youth
  • Are provided guidance and support to build two additional support structures: care team — a multidisciplinary approach to support behavioral health; and a Child and Adolescent Community Resource Guide — which is a printed document (grant funded) distributed to key locations in the schools and community

Supervision and Partnership Support

Throughout the training program, IMPaCT students receive additional coursework content and personalized supervision meetings. After Year 1, the IMPaCT program has created two major hubs of support and five areas of placement and mentoring support: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, Beaumont and Killeen.

Goals for Year 2 are to link to the partnerships created by Year 1 IMPaCT and build upon the established networks of Year 1, as well as to establish child and adolescent care teams and resource guides across the state, especially in rural and high-need areas.