Advisory Board

Members are leaders, scholars, and innovators in the community and field and who advise and provide guidance on major decisions and future directions for our programs.

The Counseling Department Advisory Board meets four times throughout the academic year on the LU campus. The board recently met to review department goals, program assignments and rubrics to encourage translational practices. They provide valuable insight for programs to meet the changing dynamics and shifts in the field for aligning the transition for our candidates into the work force.

Advisory Board Members include professionals who are Licensed Professional Counselors/Supervisors, school counselors and principals, directors of guidance, site supervisors, adjunct faculty, alumni practitioners, and current students.

2016-2019 Advisory Board Members

Mark Asteris
Stacy Cooper
Steve Lackey
Sharon Lackey
Trenida Lewis
Albert Nolan
Cindy Partin
Miranda Phillips
Donna Prudhomme
Kimberly Pruitt
Trazarra Stelly
Marcia Stevens
Haley Tyson
Debbie Webb
Brandi Wulf
Corrie Zepeda