-  How do I drop, change, or add an online course?

To drop, change, or add an online course, please contact luacademic@lamar.edu.

-  If I’m having problems in the course, who should I contact first?

Students currently in courses should first contact the Instructional Associate assigned to the course section. Contact information for the Instructional Associates can be found on the Getting Started page of the course or in the Announcements section of the course.  The Instructional Associates generally take care of issues with assignments and grading.

If the student is unable to get the assistance needed from the Instructional Associate, please contact the Professor assigned to the course.  Contact information for the Professor can be found on the Getting Started page of the course or in the Announcements section of the course.  Professors generally take care of issues related to the content of the course and other questions students may have about the Lamar Program.  

To get help with problems with technology, please email Lamar University Service Desk for LU Connect (Blackboard) Support or call 409-880-2222.

-  How can I find out when my course ends and the next one begins?

Online students can find information about course start and end dates on the Lamar University Academic Partnerships website at http://degree.lamar.edu/  under the Student Services tab or by contacting luacademic@lamar.edu.

-  If I have a question about a grade who should I contact?

Your instructor, who is the only one able to change your grade.

-  Who should I contact if I need assistance with:

  • TExES exam approval – grad.texes@lamar.edu  -- 409-880-2125
  • Initial Certification - initial.certification@lamar.edu -- 409-880-8902
  • Certification – grad.certification@lamar.edu  -- 409-880-8403
  • Graduation -- Lynlie Jones -- lugradstudies@lamar.edu -- 409-880-8230
  • Advising, Admissions and Registration Issues -- luacademic@lamar.edu -- 409-880-7409
  • Records (transcripts & grades) -- luacademicpartnershiprecords@lamar.edu -- 409-880-7358
  • Lamar TK20 Helpdesk - tk20@lamar.edu - or 880-2126