School Counselor Certification

Candidates in the School Counseling Program begin planning for certification early in the program by becoming familiar with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs. Before Internship CNDV 5394C, you must pass the Lamar School Counseling Pretest in the Practicum to be recommended to the state as eligible to take the 152 School Counselor Certification Examination. After successful completion of the Pretest, you must apply in TK20 under Applications to be approved for the TExES. Out-of-state students, you must be familiar with the certification/licensure process of your previous states.

Questions pertaining to Certification should be directed to the TExES and Certification Office.

Applying for Certification

After passing the TExES School Counselor 152, you must apply in TK20 a second time under Applications to be approved for the advanced certification in School Counseling. Approval takes place approximately 8 weeks after the master’s degree is conferred.

You must take the School Counselor 152 Certification Exam within 1 year of graduating the Lamar University School Counseling Program.

Applying to Retest for Certification

If you did not pass the TExES 152 on the first attempt and need university approval to retake the examination, you should complete an application to be provided with the steps for retaking the examination. When asked for a Passkey: passkey

You should be prepared to provide a copy of your Score Report. After completing the link, you will receive notification within approximately 10 days for enrollment in the remediation assignment via the Open Education Blackboard course.