Course Descriptions: M.Ed. Counseling and Development

CNDV 5301 - Human Growth & Development
A study of normal human development and the stages of physical intellectual, social and emotional growth from prenatal origins through old age.

CNDV 5303 – Foundations of School Counseling (OR 5302 Foundations of Clinical Meantal Health) 
This course is designed as an overview of the school counseling profession and prepares students for careers as school counselors. It provides a foundation of the roles and responsibilities of professional school counselors and serves as an introduction to the various areas related to a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program. Offered: Spring

CNDV 5310 - Counseling Skills
An introduction of facilitation skills and theory. In-depth analysis and demonstration of various facilitation techniques for use with counseling clients. Offered: Other

CNDV 5311 - Individual Counseling Theory/Techniques
Theories of individual counseling with an emphasis on techniques and applications. Level 1 course required prior to CNDV 5310 & 5312.

CNDV 5312 - Group Counseling Theories/Techniques
An analysis of group counseling theories, processes and techniques. (Pre-practicum course)

CNDV 5320 - Multicultural Counseling (OR Advanced Elective)
Studies in human diversity and cultural issues. Identifies the implications for counseling and learning and strategies for cross cultural effectiveness in various settings. Offered: Other 

CNDV 5322 - Professionalism Ethics & Law
An overview of the profession with an emphasis on legal issues, ethical principles and professional standards of conduct in the area of counseling. 

CNDV 5323 - Career Development
A focus on theories of vocational choice, vocational assessment, sources of occupational and educational information and the career decision process. Prerequisites: CNDV 5301 or permission of instructor 

CNDV 5330 – Developmental Guidance and Counseling (OR Advanced Elective)
Designed to advance the professional competence of the counselor, the course is a study of the design and management of a comprehensive developmental guidance program. Emphasis is placed on the planning and implementation of a guidance curriculum appropriate for the needs of school age children and youth.

CNDV 5334 - Measurement & Assessment
Provides an understanding of individual and group approaches to assessment and evaluation to include basic statistical concepts; standardized and non-standardized testing; strategies for selecting, administering and interpreting assessment; and evaluation instruments in educational and counseling settings. 

CNDV 5352 - Crisis Prevention Intervention
This course introduces students to responsive services; crisis prevention and intervention; and counselor leadership in crisis events are the major topics. Specific crisis incidents and counseling responses will be emphasized.

CNDV 5353 - Research & Program Evaluation
This course introduces students to evaluation research and provides them with a foundation in the design of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method approaches to counseling research and evaluation. Students learn the strengths and limitations of each method and under what circumstances each approach would be the most appropriate research design. Students learn how to identify a topic for research, how to conduct a literature search, and the importance of scholarly writing. Other topics include the history and theory underlying program evaluation, approaches to evaluation, procedures and techniques for entering a group to provide evaluation services, techniques used to perform the evaluation, strategies for getting gatekeepers invested in the development of research and outcomes, demonstration of program effectives, and dissemination of results to stakeholders. Students learn to write a research proposal, addressing the following key elements: researching, writing an introduction, stating a purpose for the study, identifying research questions and hypotheses, using theory, defining the significance of the study, and collecting and analyzing data. Students are exposed to legal and ethical issues associated with human subjects’ protection.

CNDV 5380 - Seminar Counseling & Development
Designed to advance the professional competence of participants. For each seminar, a description of the particular area of study will be indicated. May be repeated for credit when nature of seminar differs sufficiently from one previously taken.

CNDV 5390 – School Counseling Practicum
A field-based course of supervised observation and practice of guidance and counseling in an agency setting. Prerequisite: CNDV 5310, 5311, 5312 and within 6 semester hours (excluding practicum) of completing program requirements before beginning internship. A maximum of one additional course may be taken any semester in which a student is enrolled in a practicum. 

CNDV 5394 - Internship in Counseling
A field-based course of supervised observation and practice of guidance and counseling in an agency setting. Prerequisite: 5390.

* Note. CNDV 5380 is a hybrid 5-week online course that requires a 5-day face-to-face seminar on the campus of Lamar University or other noted location.

Co-Enrolled Coursework (Professional Counselor Concentration) from the Certificate in Counseling and Development (to meet 60-hours)

CNDV  5351 - Psychpathology and Basic Psychopharmocology

CNDV  5381 -  Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling

CNDV  5350 - Abnormal Human Behavior