Division of Global Diversity, Inclusion and Intercultural Affairs (GLODIIA)

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"Making the world a better place, one productive and healthy intercultural, interracial and intergroup encounter at a time." 

Welcome to the Division of Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Affairs (GLODIIA) webpage. GLODIIA and its departments are very committed to promoting and advancing inclusive excellence in all its forms through high-quality, diverse and inclusive customer satisfaction-oriented programs and services. To learn more about GLODIIA and how you can help to promote and advance global diversity, inclusive excellence, international education and healthy intercultural relations at Lamar University, visit our office in the building with the “Diversity and Inclusion” flag located across from the Mary and John Gray Library. 

On behalf of the entire GLODIIA staff, thank for your immeasurable support. 

John O. Bello-Ogunu, Sr., Ph.D.
Vice President
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Donations in support of Global Diversity and Inclusion
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GLODIIA, please contact the Vice President:
Email: Jbelloogunu@lamar.edu
Phone: 409-880-7169
GLODIIA Motto: *Achieving Inclusive Institutional Excellence Through Diversity, Access, Equity, Inclusion, & Social Justice