Lamar University Pathway Program

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Connecting People to Communities through Language


Support Language Education for Non-native English Speakers

The Lamar University Pathway Program offers non-native English speakers an opportunity to study English at the university setting to hone their emerging language skills in spoken and written communication to a higher level to empower them to become successful in the community, university, or corporate world. 

The Lamar University Pathway Program offers Academic English Courses (courses for people seeking academic degrees), Professional English Courses (courses for people seeking jobs) and ESOL Professional Development courses.

The Lamar University Pathway Program's vision is to:

  • Connect non-native English speakers to their professional, academic, and social communities;
  • Increase non-native English speakers communicative confidence in their communities;
  • Empower non-native English speakers social and economical engagement in their local communities; and
  • Develop international academic and professional exchange 

The Lamar University Pathway Program strives to provide exemplary language instruction and student services for the domestic or international professional, student, or individual who believes that better English language skills will be beneficial in their social, professional, and academic pursuits.