Lamar University Pathway Program


The Lamar University Pathway Program offers non-native English speakers an opportunity to study English at the university setting to hone their emerging language skills in spoken and written communication to a higher level to empower them to become successful in the community, university, or corporate world.

Mission Statement

The Lamar University Pathway Program strives to provide exemplary language instruction and student services for the professional, student, or domestic individual who believes that better English language skills will be beneficial in social, professional, and academic pursuits.

Pathway Program

Vision Statement

The vision of the Lamar University Pathway Program is to do the following:

  • Enhance the connection of non-native English speakers to their professional, academic, and social communities through practical language skills training;
  • Increase student communicative confidence in their academic and social communities;
  • Empower domestic non-native English speakers to engage socially and economically in their local communities; and
  • Create a pathway for international exchange between academic and professional organizations through increased English language skills. 

Admission Testing Requirements

Lamar University uses standardized test scores, such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System), to determine whether students need to take courses to improve their English skills. Students whose scores do not meet the requirement for regular admission to Lamar University are admitted into the Pathway Program and are required to take Pathway courses.

International applicants, both undergraduate and graduate, must provide proof of English language proficiency through scores on the TOEFL or IELTS. This testing requirement is waived only for applicants who have completed at least two consecutive years of study at a college or university in the U.S. or in an English proficiency-exempt country. Scores are valid for two years and must be received directly from the testing agency.

Program Requirements

Pathway students are required to take the ACCUPLACER ESL test to determine their level and placement. This test is available at LIT. The cost is $25.00. Pathway students take a minimum of two courses consecutive 8-week terms. The two consecutive Pathway courses follow the start date and end date schedule of the regular Lamar academic courses.

Courses of Study: English for Academic Purposes

These courses are designed for individuals with intermediate to low advanced English proficiency who have been accepted to Lamar University into the Pathway Program. Pathway students are required to take these courses to meet their English language proficiency requirements.

Pathway courses include the following:

  • PATH 4310 - Intermediate Listening Seminar (lectures, discussions, note-taking skills)
  • PATH 4320 - Intermediate Speaking Seminar (academic discussions & presentations, debates, conversations, pronunciation)
  • PATH 4330 - Intermediate Reading Seminar (academic, technical, & general topics, vocabulary, idioms)
  • PATH 4340 - Intermediate Writing Workshop (compositions, essays, research paper, library research, journals)
  • PATH 5330 - Low Advanced Reading Seminar (academic, technical, & general topics, vocabulary, idioms)
  • PATH 5340 - Low Advanced Writing Workshop (compositions, essays, research paper, library research, journals)  


 Pathway courses are non-credit courses. These courses do not count toward earning a university degree. 



PATH 4310, 4330, & 5330 are offered Spring 2019, Term 1, from Jan 22 - Mar 8.

PATH 4320, 4340, & 5340 are offered Spring 2019, Term 2, from Mar 20 - May 14.


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