Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

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Inclusive Teaching Techniques

Diversity in the Classroom

  • Teaching a Diverse Student Body The first chapter of the University of Virginia's "Teaching a Diverse Student Body" handbook offers insight into issues facing different student groups and specific teaching strategies for teaching in a diverse classroom. From the University of Virginia.
  • Gender Dynamics in the Classroom The second chapter focuses exclusively on the role of gender in classroom dynamics. From the University of Virginia.
  • Teaching International Students Chapter three provides strategies for teaching non-native speakers and highlights how cultural differences can affect learning. From the University of Virginia.
  • Dealing with Conflicts In chapter four, you'll learn how to respond if an inappropriate comment or heated discussion arises in class. From the University of Virginia.
  • Disabled Students LU Disability Resources (DRC) ensures an accessible University experience for disabled students and is responsible for determining reasonable accommodation. DRC has resources for faculty to support inclusive and accessible classrooms.
  • First Generation Students How to help first generation students succeed.
  • Military Veterans and Active Duty Men & Women

Other Resources

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