First-Gen Forward Work Group

Dr. Wilma R. Jackson, Director of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

Andre Favors, Instructor in the Department of Communication

Jennifer Ravey, Writing Center Director

Pamela Comer, Director McNair Scholars Program

Erin A. Tabor, Associate Director of Disability Resource Center

Morgan L. Pulliam, Coordinator for Student Engagement

Rachel S. Hoover, Director of STARS Services

Celine D. Phuong Do, Academic Advisor Senior in College of Business

Dr. Judith Mann, Director of First-Year Experience

Kristin E. Helm, Cardinal Success Coach in College of Business

Dr. Terry C. Mena, Associate Vice President of Student Engagement &
Dean of Students

Kathleen D. Andrews, Academic Advisor

Demetrial Graham, Coordinator, LU Outreach & Support

Dr. Natalie T. J. Tindall, Department of Communications-Department Chair
Associate Professor

April M Marroquin, Assistant Director Recruitment Enrollment Services