Committees and Councils

The Lamar University Multicultural Greek Council, established in 2008, represents a diverse group of sororities and fraternities with national affiliations who have joined together for cultural exchange, service, and the promotion of multiculturalism at Lamar and in the community.

Member Organizations

  • Kappa Delta Chi - Latina Sorority
  • Phi Iota Alpha - Latino Fraternity
  • Sigma Sigma Rho - Southeast Asian Sorority

Multicultural Greek Council Officers

  • President – Tia Earls, Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority
  • Vice President – Arturo Moreno, Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity
  • Secretary – Keeley O’Dell, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority

Contact Us

If you would like more information about these organizations, or if you are interested in chartering a new organization, please contact Dr. Terry C. Mena, Staff Advisor  or visit us on Facebook.

Committed to diversity in ideas, people, and access.