Office of Global Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

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Our mission is to provide university-wide leadership in developing, implementing, and advancing initiatives that promote global diversity and inclusive excellence, by fostering a welcoming and conductive campus community. This community will recognize the immeasurable benefits of diversity and inclusion, while celebrating the rich diverse multicultural backgrounds of students, faculty and staff at Lamar University.



Excellence: Whatever we do, we will do it to the best of our ability and set the standard.
Inclusion: We promote active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity - in people, curriculum, research, and in the community we serve.
Learning: We embrace creativity, personal growth and new knowledge.
Collaboration: We will work together to realize shared goals and objectives.


About Us

The Office of Global Diversity and Inclusive Excellence works with students from all backgrounds to provide meaningful, cross-cultural interaction through a variety of events throughout the year. OGDIE promotes respect for cross-cultural awareness. Our number one goal is to develop our students to become active, productive and collaborative within the University community.

OGDIE provides activities that recognize diversity on multiple levels including, but not limited to, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability and religious/spiritual diversity. We help to bring a wide range of programming to meet the needs of the diverse Lamar University student population.

Student organizations that need assistance planning cultural events can receive help from our office. Assistance may include marketing, funding and planning.