Distinguished Faculty Lecture, Dr. M K Hamza - When the World Stopped Caring, Human Devastation SyndromeDr. M K Hamza


An LU faculty member since 2003, Dr. M. K. Hamza is a professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling in the Department of Counseling. He is a forensic neuropsychologist and the Mental Health Committee Chair at the Syrian American Medical Society. Hamza coined the term Human Devastation Syndrome in 2016. The term describes the collective and complex human trauma symptoms of which millions of Syrian refugees suffer, particularly the children and youth. Hamza's lecture aims to open a window of awareness, understanding and commitment to address human traumas and psychological injuries to enable these refugees to move on to survival and triumph.

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"While displaced populations and refugees continue to suffer humiliation, agony and pain of ethic cleansings and wars, children who endure repetitive exposure to traumatic events seem to suffer the deepest of all psychological injuries."

- Dr. M. K. Hamza