What Faculty Should Know About the DRC

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is here to collaborate and serve as a resource for you and the students with disabilities in your class.  The DRC is the department designated at Lamar University to assign and coordinate disability related accommodation request.  Students with disabilities are just like any other student taking your class.  The main difference is in how they access different parts of your course. In order to receive accommodations students must register with the DRC. Below are some helpful things you can expect from students who have gone through the proper registration process with the Disability Resource Center:

  • An accommodation letter outlining approved accommodations
  • Additional accommodation request must be requested through the DRC
  • Accommodations are not retroactive, anything prior to receiving notice is not covered
  • Treat students with disabilities the same as any other student in your class

Universally Designed Information:

Below are some helpful things that will make your course the most accessible to the widest range of learning styles and help people comprehend the valuable information you have to share in your course to encourage success for all.

  • Caption all videos (ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT/SIMPLE WAYS TO BE ACCESSIBLE)-Before purchasing any videos for your class ask for the captioned version.
  • Present your materials in a variety of methods including, written, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory
  • Provide copies of notes and PowerPoints to all students or post on LU Connect (Blackboard)
  • Consider developing podcast for lectures including transcripts so students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing or other learning styles can access the information as well
  • Be flexible in how your course is managed
  • Organize your information into concise sections
  • Encourage different methods of participation

The Disability Resource Center can:

  • Answer questions in regard to how to implement accommodations
  • Collaborate to solve accessibility issues for student with disabilities
  • Work with new students who have not registered and determine reasonable accommodations for a given course
  • Answer disability related questions
  • Be a valuable resource in making your course a positive experience for all students!

The Disability Resource Center cannot:

  • Disclose confidential student information including what a student’s disability diagnosis is
  • Guarantee success for students with disabilities only reasonable access to accommodations
  • Provide accommodation to students who have not registered with the DRC