Requesting Alternative Materials

The Disability Resource Center will provide assistance in locating text books in alternate format or, when necessary, will create text books in alternate formats for students who have been identified as eligible for receiving this accommodation by their DRC counselor during either the initial in-take meeting or subsequent follow up meetings. You must be registered with DRC and eligible for this accommodation to request materials.


  • Provide current and accurate contact information.
  • Provide complete and accurate information for textbooks or materials.
  • Recognize that incomplete or incorrect information will delay requests.
  • Complete and submit Alternative Materials Request.

Process & Procedures:

  • I am requesting that DRC conduct a search for the following materials in the alternative format requested.
  • If the materials are available and it is necessary for DRC to order them, I understand that I may need to participate in this process and that I will be required to purchase the text and provide DRC with a receipt of that purchase before I can receive any materials in alternative format.
  • In the event that materials are not available in alternative format, DRC is available to convert my purchased text material into the alternative format that I am requesting. To complete this process, I understand that the DRC will need to remove my book's binding to scan and convert the material in a timely manner. I understand that I must bring my books to DRC for conversion.