Assistive Technology Services

The Disability Resource Center provides assistive technology services and assistive technology assessments for Lamar students with disabilities as they relate to academic activities. On the basis of assessments, students are provided with training on devices and software that support academic activities available at Lamar.  


Students must be registered with The DRC to be eligible for assistive technology services and support. Registered DRC students must contact the director to identify areas of exploration and for an assigned accommodation to use Assistive Technology Software.

Examples of Assistive Technologies at Lamar:

JAWS enables people with vision loss to independently use a computer with a keyboard, speech, or Braille display. With JAWS, you can navigate the Internet, write a document, create spreadsheets and presentations, email correspondence, and much more from your office, remote desktop, terminal servers, and from home.

Read&Write Gold is a flexible literacy software solution that helps struggling readers and writers, individuals with learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia or Dysgraphia, and English Language Learners access the support tools they need to reach their potential, build confidence and independence, and succeed.

MAGic is a screen magnification and screen reading solution for low vision computer users. MAGic can help you work more efficiently with documents, email, and navigating the Internet. MAGic delivers smooth, crisp letters, even at the highest magnification levels.