Because our focus at Lamar University is both on student learning and creating an environment that stimulates the development of excellent teaching, our approach is multifaceted. Through a range of programs, we support all aspects of faculty development. Assistance is offered through the following programs:

SMART New Faculty Program

Support & Mentoring to Advance Research & Teaching - SMART helps new faculty understand the resources and policies of the university, complete their first annual review, and prepare for success on the tenure track. We also match new faculty with campus mentors to help you succeed in your first year at Lamar.
> See the New Faculty Guide and Mentoring Guide.

Academic Publishing Support

Online Writing Seminars in Book Proposals and Journal Articles guide faculty through the process of preparing successful book proposals and journal articles for publication. In the fall, spring, and summer, enroll in the 12-week Journal Article Online Writing Seminar, which breaks the steps of writing and submitting an article down into manageable weekly tasks, encourages the development of healthy writing habits, and provides feedback on your writing before submission to a journal. In the summer, enroll in the 10-week Book Proposal Online Writing Seminar, which provides extensive peer review opportunities and helps faculty navigate the process of selecting a target press and preparing a book proposal for submission.

All too often, urgent daily tasks get in the way of important long-term tasks like publishing. Research shows that academic writers who join a supportive community enjoy more success and less stress related to their writing. Join a Writing Circle, a weekly writing accountability group that supports the development of healthy and sustainable writing habits and helps keep you on track when the daily demands of the semester threaten to halt your writing progress.

Writing Circles

Do you pine for long stretches of uninterrupted time when you can finally finish that article? Do you find your days getting eaten up by service or administrative duties, the minutia of handling student emails, and worrying about all the publishing you ought to be doing but aren’t? You’re not the only one. Research shows that academic productivity does not demand long stretches of uninterrupted time, which for most of us appear in our lives as often as unicorns and pixies. Regular short daily, or even weekly, time spent writing is the most effective way to increase your output. Let CTLE help you break the binge and starve writing habit and develop a healthy and effective writing schedule.

CTLE is sponsoring a new writing accountability program based on Paul Silva’s “agraphia groups” as outlined in his best-selling book, How to Write a Lot. Writing Circles meet weekly, either in person or electronically, to hold each other accountable for publication goals. Circles set concrete, short-term goals for each week and motivate each member to achieve these goals by holding each member accountable to a personally chosen daily or weekly writing schedule. In a pilot program, run during the fall 2016 semester, all five members met their writing goals, with each member submitting a journal article, book chapter, or dissertation chapter while teaching full time.

CTLE-sponsored Writing Circles benefit from centralized record-keeping, guidance in managing a Writing Circle, and support materials, and are available for prizes to reward Circle productivity.

Online Writing Seminars

CTLE is happy to announce two online writing seminars open to all faculty and staff. In June, we will host a 10-week summer seminar on writing book proposals. In the fall semester, we will host a 12-week seminar on writing journal articles. These programs break down the process of writing a journal article or a book proposal into manageable weekly tasks. Weekly assignments will be uploaded to the BB page and peer-reviewed by other participants, improving clarity before submission to a press or journal.

Faculty interested in forming a writing circle with colleagues, join an existing writing circle, or joining an online writing seminar can contact the CTLE.

Writing Wednesdays - Through August 16

Do you start every summer with great plans for finishing articles, book chapters, and grant proposals? Do you sometimes find yourself falling prey to the distractions of summer? Isolation and the lack of a formal schedule can disrupt the greatest of writing plans. Let CTLE help you accomplish your goals this summer by providing a dedicated time and space to concentrate on your writing and stay on track.

Starting Wednesday, May 17, and running through August 16, the open area of the 6th floor of the library will be reserved for faculty writers from 9 a.m. -12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. each Wednesday during the summer. Bring your laptop or writing materials, a coffee mug, and a friend. CTLE will provide the coffee and the community, as well as optional services to support accountability and record keeping. For those wishing to contract the services of a professional editor, we can put you in touch with editors and provide a place for you to meet and work together. A private conference room will be available to reserve for groups that want to review and discuss writing.

Make this the summer of your professional dreams with Writing Wednesdays.

Faculty Development Certificates

Enroll in the Teaching Today’s Students Faculty Development Certificate and receive interactive training in understanding our student body and designing courses guided by evidence-based best practices. Certificates provide you with sustained and substantial faculty development that can be easily documented in your annual review and tenure review portfolios. Stay tuned for upcoming certificates in grant writing and more topics to support your professional success.

Evaluation and Assessment

We are here to help! The CTLE will provide feedback on individual instructor’s classroom performance. The evaluation methods involve one-on-one meetings, classroom observations, and confidential counseling.
> For more information see Evaluation and Assessment

Workshops and Events

During the year, events are planned on topics such as developing students as leaders, inquiry-based learning, grant writing, classroom management, and many more. Workshops for fall 2017 and spring 2018 are in the planning stages.
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