Faculty Success

You're teaching students to earn their wings and fly.
It starts here, and it starts with you.

Welcome to Faculty Success!

With faculty success, the sky's the limit. Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 academic year.
We're excited to have you participate in our tailored faculty events.


With our Wings Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), the sky’s the limit!

Lamar University’s students face many challenges that often affect their academic progression. Quantitative preparation, literacy and discipline-specific applications are often barriers to student success.

WINGS, a university-wide project,* will equip our undergraduate students with the necessary tools to overcome these issues, as well as engage them through our innovative educational practices.

We will teach students how to earn their wings:

  • through discipline-based flight plans (clustering disciplines with similar quantitative needs)
  • by connecting key quantitative concepts with discipline-based applications and practices
  • by merging college-readiness courses with quantitative courses

Thank you for teaching students how to earn their WINGS!

 *SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools™) Accreditation - Quality Enhancement Plan