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Faculty Success Starts with You 

And we are here to help. Here you will find the resources available for you as we journey on an amazing year together.

The Center for Teaching & Learning Enhancement offers holistic faculty development to promote a campus culture of professionalism and productivity. We foster an engaged community of scholar-teachers dedicated to empowering students and faculty to transform their academic lives through reflective, evidence-based practice. Under the direction of the Division of Academic Affairs, the Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE) supports faculty, administrators, graduate students, and staff in their academic pursuits and provides a range of instructional and publishing services.

Current Opportunities

Writing Circles
Do you pine for long stretches of uninterrupted time when you can finally finish that article? Do you find your days getting eaten up by service or administrative duties, the minutia of handling student emails, and worrying about all the publishing you ought to be doing but Karen’t? You’re not the only one.
Find out how to form or join a writing circle today. 

Online Writing Seminars
CTLE is happy to announce two online writing seminars open to all faculty and staff, a twelve-week seminar about writing academic journal articles and a ten-week seminar on writing an academic book proposal.
More information on how to join a writing seminar can be found here.

Writing Retreats
Do you start every summer with great plans for finishing articles, book chapters, and grant proposals? Do you sometimes find yourself falling prey to the distractions of summer? Sit down with colleagues for an intensive catch-up session and finish that project.
Make the most of your summer writing by finding more information here.

Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement
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