Academic Contingency Plan

Issued: Thursday, March 12, 2020



Faculty Colleagues:

As we all attempt to cope with the recent pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus-19) and protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, Lamar University announced that during the week of March 23 to 27 classes will be delivered online or via alternate technology. 

As you are aware, moving courses to delivery online is part of our Academic Contingency Plan- a plan that has been in place for a number of years.  Unfortunately, this plan has had to be implemented more than once in the past several years.  Given the highly contagious nature of the illness, there is a need for social isolation allows for an extra week for the incubation to keep the campus community safe.

Our hope is that by the end of the month, Lamar can return to more of a business as usual model.  There are a number of ways that faculty can provide course materials online.  Utilizing your courses Blackboard shell and your syllabi and most students are adept at accessing it.  ALL TEACHING FACULTY ARE REQUIRED TO ANNOUNCE IN BLACKBOARD HOW THE COURSE MATERIALS WILL BE DELIVERED DURING THE WEEKOF MARCH 23 TO 27, REGARDLESS OF THE. FORMAT THAT IS ADOPTED.

Lamar has a limited number of time slots for live/online classroom lectures.  You may be able to use Blackboard Collaborate from your home to have asynchronous meetings with your class and we are here to help you problem solve how to manage this change in a number of other ways.

All of the instructional designers are available to answer your questions and address your concerns about online or alternative delivery of your courses. Each of them will be in charge of the following departments for course development. That information is as follows:


Quentin Bellard: Business and Nursing

Zach Dubussion: Communication, Speech and Hearing, Art, Music, History, Modern Languages English.

Ibrahima Poda: Nutrition, Hospitality, and Human Services, Education

Brandi Livingston: Criminal Justice, Sociology, Political Science, Social Work, Applied Arts and Sciences.

Kimberly McCoy


At this time, we ask that you to prepare your current face-to-face courses and upcoming spring 3 online courses for online delivery.  The Center for Distance Education has created a course named Blackboard_Resources_Course. All faculty have been enrolled in this course as a student. Login to Blackboard and you will see the course ID Blackboard_Resources Course and it will state courses where you are: student.

If this course doesn’t appear in your course list please contact for assistance in enrolling you in the course.

This course provides 24/7 and will contain  handouts that cover essential Blackboard tools such as Blackboard, Blackboard Collaborate, Kaltura media, Proctorio, Grade center, and more. You might also reach out to your publisher for any online support resources they may have for your textbook or integration into Blackboard.  We ask that you NOTsend students directly to the online publisher as it makes it difficult for student submission of work, tracking, etc.  Use Blackboard to link to the publisher’s website.


Local: 409-880-2222

Toll Free: 1-866-585-1738


We understand that this disruption to your teaching schedule and method can seem overwhelming especially for those who are not already using Blackboard for teaching. Resources are available to assist you so do not hesitate to reach out to the instructional designers and support team.

Should you need more assistance with Blackboard (LU Learn) contact the support team -
  • Johnny Jarrell at 409-880-1836
  • Tim Smith at 409-880-7537, or
  • Gordon Oge at 409-880-8431


The Center for Teaching and Learning is collaborating with Distance Learning to provide additional virtual training sessions next week.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Amy Smith by email at or 409-880-8563.

 In arduous times like these, we are offered the opportunity to show how well Lamar shines under adversity.  As a faculty member on the front line, you can guide your students to success—academic and otherwise.  We are here to help you help your students.  Please reach out to us with any or all questions.

Dr. Brenda S. Nichols                                                  Dr. Jennifer Fowler
Interim Provost & Vice                                                President, Faculty Senate
President Academic Affairs