About the Center


Leverage the technologies, expertise and infrastructure of Lamar University's research centers and business resources to establish new innovation businesses and enhance established industries. The CICE works intimately with regional development organizations and businesses to expand market opportunities and enhance the region's economic capacity.

  • 18 Offices + Conference Rooms
  • 4 Labs (2 Wet, 2 Multipurpose)
  • 3 Training Rooms
  • Modeling & Simulation Center
  • Student Idea Hatchery
  • Event Center
We house the following Lamar University Centers:
  • High Performance Computing Center (HPC)
  • Center for Advances in Port Management
  • Digital Learning Center
  • SBDC Offices


 To foster through collaborative research and education between engineering, science and business a unique culture of innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship at Lamar University that strengthens existing economic drivers, diversifies the economic base and brings world class innovations to fruition.


Unite stakeholders to diversify economy, establish innovation hubs and develop Lamar University and the region into a transitional force.

  • Mentor Entrepreneurs - We assist innovators and entrepreneurs to develop innovative products and technologies for global markets.

  • Network - We make connections, seek capital and provide coaching and early infrastructure.

  • Facilitate Soft Landings – We help re-locating companies succeed in the region and build collaborative partnerships with Lamar University.

  • Accelerate Development – We provide expert faculty support from engineering, science and business to accelerate development and product launch.

  • Educate Entrepreneurs – We create curriculum and internships for students to develop new innovations.

  • Empower Faculty – We assist faculty to develop transitional research through

Innovation-Based Startups



"1st Lamar University Student Start-Up"

Atmospark is an atmospheric water generation company that provides freshwater
solutions by extracting water from the air using an innovative and scalable design.
Our modular patent pending technology produces water more efficiently and with
minimal energy to dramatically reduce the cost of freshwater in remote locations
such as offshore oil platforms.

T&L Solutions, LLC

Offering over 40 years of experience in the construction industry,  T&L solutions, LLC offers the advantage of experience and dependability to companies struggling or simply wanting to expand.


CIMR® Infection Control Technology continuously disinfects viruses, bacteria, mold and other fungi by producing 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas from oxygen and water vapor in the air.

Southern Creole Foods, LLC

Southern Creole Foods, LLC is a creole food manufacturing and Distribution Company, producing signature Heat-N-Eat Creole dishes, coffee, authentic seasonings, and chef inspired sauces.