Recovery and Resilience Academy

What is RRA?

The Recovery and Resilience Academy (RRA) serves as an outreach and educational center for the people of Southeast Texas who want to learn how to be better prepared to overcome adversity. 

The RRA is sponsored by the Center for Resiliency at Lamar University under the state of Texas.


Hands in - working together 


What does "resilience" mean?

Resilience is a concept that is more important than ever. It is defined as "the ability to recover quickly from difficult situations".

It is a particularly important concept for Southeast Texas as we have experienced many serious natural disasters over the last two decades, including winter electricity outages, serious flooding and damages caused by hurricanes Harvey, Imelda, Ike, and Rita, and, of course, the COVID pandemic.

The ability to recover from these catastrophic situations requires community support from those with varied areas of expertise as they affect housing, financial resources, family relationships, as well as physical and mental health. 


Objective of the RRA

The ultimate goal of the RRA is to bring together stakeholders across many disciplines to work in tandem with the local community to provide information about emergency preparedness and ways to mitigate potential losses and damages.