Submission Guidelines


This volume will feature original creative and scholarly writing by students, staff, faculty, and alumni from the broader Lamar community (LU, LSCO, LSCPA, and LIT).

We are seeking submissions in various categories including poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, academic or scholarly essays, and visual art. We encourage you to think of “resilience” broadly, centering your writing on your lived experience during a crucial time in your life that saw you exhibit this trait. 

Emerging (unpublished) and amateur writers are particularly invited to submit. All published contributors will receive a free copy of the reader. One contributor from each genre will receive $100.

We have extended the window for submissions through June 30, 2023.


Requirements by Genre


Submit up to five (5) poems. Style may be formal or free. No line limit, but very long poems may not work within our space limitations. You may combine poems into one document or submit each poem as a separate document.

Short Fiction / Essays in all Genres / Journalistic Pieces

5,000-word limit in any genre or style.

Scholarly Articles

10,000-word limit including notes, citations, and references/works cited. Any style guide may be used.

General Requirements

  • Current and former students, staff, faculty, and alumni from the broader Lamar community (LU, LSCO, LSCPA, and LIT) are invited to submit their original work. 
  • We specifically encourage emerging (previously unpublished) and amateur writers to submit in addition to our community's professional writers and scholars.
  • You are welcome to submit in multiple genres. Please submit separately for each genre; for example, if you would like to submit a poem and an essay, you would fill out the submission form twice.
  • All written work must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (not Apple Pages, in other words). This limits file type to .doc or .docx. Only visual art submissions may enter file types such as .pdf, .jpg, or.png. If you have any difficulty with our submission form, email us.
  • We prefer previously unpublished work. If you wish to submit a piece that has been previously published elsewhere, we will require permission from that publisher to reprint your work.

Blind-Judge Procedure

Our editors will choose the body of work that will appear in the collection, and then those pieces will go before a panel of blind judges, who will choose the contributors that receive compensation. (Blind judging means that the work the judges see has identifying information removed, especially the name of the author/artist.)

The judges will select one (1) contributor from each genre to receive $100.

All published authors/artists are invited to the release party in August 2023, and the paid contributors will be encouraged to read/discuss their work at that event.

If you have any questions regarding this project or its guidelines, please email us.