LamarStrong: A Resiliency Reader



You have a story of resilience, and we want to publish it!

In recent years, Southeast Texas and the Lamar community have persevered through economic hardship, various unprecedented natural disasters, devastating industrial accidents, and a worldwide pandemic. These situations, in addition to the usual struggles of being human, have tested us physically, intellectually, and emotionally. In spite of these challenges, we have proven our resiliency, demonstrating our incredible strength and tenacity to recover and rebuild, showing the world just what we are made of. 

Through the generosity of the Lamar University Center for Resiliency and in coordination with Lamar University Literary Press, we are producing a collection of your writing entitled LamarStrong: A Resilency Reader.

Call for Submissions

This volume will feature original works from students, staff, faculty, and alumni from the broader Lamar community (LU, LSCO, LSCPA, and LIT). We invite your submissions in various genres, including poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, scholarly writing, and visual art. We encourage you to think of “resilience” broadly, centering your writing on your lived experience during a crucial time in your life that saw you exhibit this trait. All published contributors will receive a free copy of the reader, while selected contributors from each genre will receive $100.

We have extended the window for submissions through June 30, 2023.

We have all had the opportunity to prove our resiliency in recent years, and in the process have emerged wiser and stronger for our struggle. Your story deserves to be shared and celebrated in the pages of LamarStrong.


Students are resilient.


Staff and faculty are resilient.


Alumni are resilient.

You are LamarStrong, and these are your stories.

Emerging (previously unpublished) and amateur writers are particularly invited to submit. We want to hear stories from the entire community--not only the academics and professionals. All of our stories, our struggles, our triumphs, call out to be heard.