Lamar University Center for College Readiness

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The mission of the Center for College Readiness (CCR) is to ensure that all students entering Lamar University (LU) comply with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s (THECB) rules regarding the state law known as the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

  • All students entering LU must be tested for college-readiness in reading, mathematics, and writing (unless otherwise exempt) using any one of the four assessment instruments approved by the THECB.
  • After testing, students entering LU are placed into appropriate levels of developmental and/or collegiate-level coursework. CCR advises, registers, and provides appropriate instruction in reading and mathematics developmental coursework to facilitate college-readiness for LU’s TSI students.
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To assist students in meeting the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program, Lamar University offers courses at the developmental or pre-collegiate level. Students who do not achieve required scores on one or more portions of the approved college readiness test(s) must be enrolled in at least one college readiness course or program. All TSI-restricted and Individual Approval students must receive approval from the Center for College Readiness to 
add or drop a course.

(Formerly Developmental Studies)