Information Systems and Analysis 2011-2012

Department of Information Systems & Analysis

Location: 237 Galloway Business Bldg., Phone: 409.880.8635

Chair: Kakoli Bandyopadhyay

The Department of Information Systems and Analysis offers both a Bachelor of Business Administration major and a minor program in Management Information Systems (MIS). MIS courses are integrated with SAP education through the SAP-University Alliance Program. The following requirements are effective for all students entering or transferring into the MIS program. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to enter and remain in this program. A minimum GPA of 2.5 in MIS courses is required to successfully complete the major in MIS. A student can obtain a minor in MIS by completing 18 credit hours of approved courses listed in the Lamar University catalog.

Management Information Systems is the application of technology to solve business problems. A MIS professional will apply technology to integrate and support business functions such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Management. MIS students learn to analyze, design, develop, and maintain Information Systems to support business activities across the organization. MIS students are taught a variety of software such as Oracle, many different SAP modules, Adobe CS5, Tableau, Visible Analyst (CASE tool), Visual Basic, MS Project, MS Office, etc.

Graduates of the MIS program are highly sought after due to their training in analysis and problem solving. They contribute to performance improvement of the organizations through planning and implementation of information systems. They are prepared to meet the challenges of a global environment characterized by rapid technological change because they have mastered many professional skills.

The program prepares graduates to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. It requires students to develop interpersonal skills and to apply both qualitative and quantitative techniques to solve business problems in group and team settings.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor projections -jobs in MIS and related areas will grow at a faster rate than most other areas. Careers awaiting the graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) include: Systems Analyst, SAP Consultant, IT Project Manager, Database & Data Warehousing Administrator, SAP Business Analyst, Computer Support Specialist, Electronic Commerce Manager, Web Designer, and Customer Support Specialist.

To receive a minor in MIS, one needs to complete four required courses and two elective courses:

Four Required Courses (12 Hours) are:

MISY 3310: Principles of Management Information Systems (SAP)
MISY 3340: IS Infrastructure
MISY 3370: IS Analysis and Design
MISY 4370: ERP Overview (SAP)

Two Elective Courses (6 Hours) should be taken from the list below:

MISY 3350/3360: Java Development/Visual Basic Programming
MISY 3395: E-Commerce Design and Development (SAP)
(with MKTG 3350 E-Marketing as a course substitution)
MISY4350: Project Management and Practice
(with MGMT 3340 Project Management as a course substitution)
MISY 4380: IS Development
MISY 4390: Business Intelligence (SAP)

Degrees Offered

Information Systems and Analysis Degree Plans

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems -120 hrs

Minor in MIS -18 hrs

BBA Management Information Systems

Hours Required: 120
Non-Professional Core Courses 42 hours, No Substitution Professional Education Core Courses 51 hours, No Substitution
PHIL 1370 3 BULW 1370 3
ENGL 1301 3 MISY 1373 3
MATH 1325 3 ECON 2301 3
HIST 1301 3 ECON 2302 3
HIST 1302 3 ACCT 2301 3
Fine Arts 3 ACCT 2302 3
COMM 3310 3 BUAL 3310 3
PEGA 1 BUAL 3320 3
SCI 4 BULW 3310 3
SCI 4 ECON 3340/3390 3
SOPH LIT 3 FINC 3310 3
POLS 2301 3 MGMT 3310 3
POLS 2302 3 MKTG 3310 3
BCOM 3350 3
42 MGMT 3320 3
MISY 3310 3
MGMT 4370 3
Free Electives 3 51
Professional Business Concentration 24
MISY 3340 3
MISY 3350/3360 3
MISY 3370 3
MISY 3395 3
MISY 4350 3
MISY 4370 3
MISY 4380 3
MISY 4390 3

Suggested Program of Study -120 hours

First Year Second Year
BULW 1370 3 ACCT 2301, 2302 3
MISY 1373 3 ENGL Lit
ECON 2302 3 Fine Arts
ENGL Comp 3 COMM3310 3
MATH 1325 3 POLS 2301, 2302
Lab Sci 4 American History
PHIL 1370 3 ECON 2301
PEGA 3 MISY 3310
Elective Non-business 3
Third Year Fourth Year
BUAL 3310, 3320 MISY 3370
MISY 3340 MISY 4350
BULW 3310 3 MISY 4370 3
FINC 3310 MISY 4380
MGMT 3310 MISY 4390
MKTG 3310 ECON 3340/3390
BCOM 3350 MGMT 3320
MISY 3350/3360 MGMT 4370
MISY 3395

Graduate Program

The department offers three graduate level courses as part of the graduate online certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and toward an ERP concentration in the MBA program. The courses are: MISY 5340: ERP Overview MISY 5350: ERP E-Commerce MISY 5360: Business Intelligence