Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Fall 2021

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Major: Chemical Engineering
Concentration: None

Degree Requirements

1. All College of Graduate Studies general degree requirements

2. The student with a Master's degree shall complete a residency of at least one year; the student with a bachelor degree shall complete a residency of at least two years

3. Completion of a total of 15 semester hours of core courses selected from the following: CHEN 6302 Transport Phenomena; CHEN 6352 Advanced Process Control; CHEN 6343 Kinetics and Reactor Design; CHEN 6345 Fundamentals of Sustainability; CHEN 6347 Advanced Thermodynamics; and CHEN 6348 Advanced Chemical Engineering Mathematics

4. Completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours of elective courses in chemical engineering or related fields approved by department graduate advisor

5. Completion of a minimum of 12 semester hours of research courses (CHEN 6680 for spring/fall semester; CHEN 6380 for summer) prior for admission to candidacy

6. Completion of a minimum of 4 semester hours of the professional seminar (ENGR 6110)

7. Completion of the qualifying examination. The examination is an 8-hour written examination with a selection of problems in Transport Phenomena, Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Engineering Mathematics. The purposes of this examination are to test the student's understanding of basic concepts and principles. Students who pass the qualifying examination are allowed to prepare a dissertation proposal. Students who fail to pass the qualifying exam are granted a second and final attempt at one or more parts of the examination, or removed from the Ph.D. program

8. Completion and approval of a Ph.D. dissertation proposal. Upon committee approval of the proposed research through an oral defense, the student is admitted to candidacy. The approved proposal must be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies at least 14 weeks prior to the scheduling of the final defense of the dissertation

9. Completion of 18 semester hours of Ph.D. dissertation courses (CHEN 6690 and CHEN 6691 for a regular semester and CHEN 6390 and CHEN 6391 for summer) after admission to candidacy and satisfactory defense of the Ph.D. dissertation

10. The Ph.D. degree must be completed within 10 consecutive years of study