MEd Special Education (Generalist)

Required Courses for Major

SPED 5301 Survey of Exceptional Learners
SPED 5302 Tests, Measurement, and Evaluation
SPED 5303 Educational Psychology
SPED 5304 Special Education Law
SPED 5305 Research in Special Education
SPED 5314 Reading and Language Arts for Diverse Learners

Special Education Courses

SPED 5311 Instructional Strategies for High Incidence Disabilities
SPED 5312 Functional Behavioral Assessment
SPED 5313 Instructional strategies for Low Incidence Disabilities
SPED 5315 Transition for Students with Exceptionalities
SPED 5316 Models for Change Through Collaboration
SPED 5320 Psychoeducational Evaluation of Exceptional Children