EdD Educational Leadership

Fall 2018

Degree: Doctor of Education
Major: Educational Leadership
Concentration: None

Required Courses for Major

EDUD 6302 Professional Ethics/Values
EDUD 6303 Cultural Influences
EDUD 6305 Organizational Change
EDUD 6306 Dynamics of Leadership
EDUD 6307 Global Educational Leadership and Policy
EDUD 6312 Global Communication
EDUD 6313 Contemporary Issues
EDUD 6314 Academic Research Writing I
EDUD 6317 Academic Research Writing II
EDUD 6320 Foundations of Distance Education
EDUD 6322 Trends and Issues in Multicultural Education

Research Courses

EDUD 6350 Quantitative Research I
EDUD 6351 Quantitative Research II
EDUD 6352 Qualitative Research I
EDUD 6353 Synthesis Seminar
EDUD 6354 Qualitative Research II


EDUD 6361 Dissertation I - Proposal Writing
EDUD 6362 Dissertation II - Proposal Defense
EDUD 6363 Dissertation III
EDUD 6364 Dissertation IV