M.S.N. Nursing Education

Fall 2022

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Nursing
Concentration: Nursing Education

Required Courses for Major

MSNC 5310 Theoretical Foundations
MSNC 5311 Nursing Research
MSNC 5319 Advanced Nursing Issues and Health Policy
MSNE 5254 Nurse Educator Practicum I
MSNE 5255 Nurse Educator Practicum II
MSNE 5330 Advanced Health Assessment
MSNE 5349 Advanced Pathophysiology
MSNE 5350 Role Development, Learning Theory and Teaching Strategies for Nursing Educators
MSNE 5351 Curriculum Design
MSNE 5352 Measurement & Evaluation
MSNE 5356 Advanced Pharmacology
MSNC 5395 Evidence-Based Project
MSNC 5396 Evidence-Based Project II