M.S. Chemistry Thesis

Fall 2022

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Chemistry
Concentration: Thesis

Required Courses for Major

CHEM 5310 - Advanced Analytical
CHEM 5330 - Advanced Inorganic
CHEM 5350 - Advanced Organic
CHEM 5370 - Advanced Physical

Elective Courses

12 Credit Hours (4 Courses) of graduate level electives approved by the academic advisor, of which 9 credit hours (3 courses) must be in Chemistry (CHEM) 


Successful completion of Thesis requirements:
CHEM 5390 - Thesis
CHEM 5391 - Thesis

Leveling or Deficiency Courses (if required):

Deficiency courses required only in certain cases. Departmental decision rendered on a case-by-case basis.