Department of Communication and Media

Location: 100 Communication Building, Phone: (409) 880-8153

Chair:  Dr. Natalie Tindall,

The Department of Communication and Media offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication for students interested in the study of—and careers in—advertising, broadcasting, communication studies, film studies, journalism, and public relations. 

A new student beginning study at Lamar University must meet all admission requirements of Lamar University. Transfer students or students who wish to enter the Department of Communication and Media programs by change of major must meet the same requirements or hold a minimum grade point average of 2.00 or better. Successful completion of a bachelor's degree in the department of communication requires a major GPA of 2.0 or better. Some classes individually require a C or better to pass. Those classes are identified as such in their descriptions or the pre-requisite statement for the next class in the sequence.

Programs of Study

All majors in the department must complete the basic core curriculum requirements of Lamar University as their academic foundation course work. The student’s advisor will provide direction to the student concerning departmental requirements within the core curriculum when course choices are available to meet the university’s core curriculum requirements. Within the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Communication, students may specialize in one of the following areas:

Students may choose to pursue a certificate in any of the following areas:

These certificate programs are a perfect complement to students who desire to refine their professional skills in distinct areas of professional practice. All students enrolled in the certificate programs will gain hands-on experience and practice as well as foundational concepts and theories of that discipline.

These certificate programs have five 3-credit hour courses (all totaling 15 hours). At this time, these certificates are for on-campus communication majors and minors who have completed their basic coursework.

For more information, contact the Department of Communication & Media at or (409) 880-8153

Bachelor of Science in Communication–120 hours

The bachelor’s degree program in communication prepares students for careers in advertising, broadcasting, film, journalism, or public relations and requires each student to complete a REQUIRED departmental core curriculum of ten courses (30 hours). Required classes for the departmental core curriculum include COMM 1307, 1311, 1318, 1373, and a capstone; nine hours of communication theory courses; and six hours of communication performance courses. This program serves as an appropriate curriculum for those who wish to have a career as a communication practitioner or pursue professional or graduate studies.

Certificate in Sports Journalism

Consider a certificate in sports journalism and media
Why A Certificate In Sports Journalism and Media?
The sports journalism and media certificate is for communication studies, journalism, broadcasting, and multimedia journalism students of the Department of Communication & Media. Students explore the trends and issues connected with sports. As they learn in the classroom, they can apply their knowledge in internships and opportunities with campus media, Lamar Athletics, and local media.

The goals of this program are to develop reporters and communicators who understand the functions of sport in society and to enhance writing, reporting, broadcast and multimedia skills for our students entering sports journalism.

What Will I Need to Complete the Certificate In Sports Journalism And Media?
The certificate will require 15 credit hours. Students must earn a C or higher in each class to obtain the certificate.

COMM 3386: Sports Broadcasting
COMM 3395: Sports Photography
COMM 4396 Special Topics: Sports, Media, and Popular Culture
COMM 4396 Special Topics: Sports Reporting and Writing
COMM 3130: Communication Lab/Externship with Lamar Athletics, LUTV News, the Lamar University Media Alliance, the University Press, or a local media outlet (Sports section) (This class is a 1-credit hour class. Students must take this class three times.)
For more information about this certificate, contact the Department of Communication & Media at (409) 880-8153 or

Certificate in Public Relations

Jump ahead in your career! Gain valuable experience and a credential!
Why a Certificate in Public Relations?
Public relations is a broad term that encompasses a multitude of communication functions that a Fortune 500 company, a small nonprofit, a celebrity brand, or a college will need:

marketing communication
public affairs
community relations
social media outreach
crisis communication, issues management, and image repair
employee communication
media relations
Public relations is a growing field of interest and employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, “Employment of public relations specialists is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The need for organizations to maintain their public image will continue to drive employment growth.”

What will I gain from this Certificate in Public Relations?
This certificate integrates communication theory with practical application. Students will develop a portfolio of skills and abilities valuable to any employer: critical thinking, problem-solving, effective listening, trend awareness, persuading, and effective written communication.

Students enrolled in this certificate can explore these career paths:

media relations
political affairs
lobbying and public policy
community relations
human resources/employee communication
new media and social media
marketing communication
What courses will I take in this Certificate in Public Relations?
The certificate will require 15 credit hours. Students must earn a C or higher in each class to receive the certificate.

COMM 4383: Persuasion
COMM 2362: Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 3362: Public Relations Writing
COMM 4360: Communication Research
Choose one class:
COMM 4362: Public Relations Cases and Campaigns
COMM 4370: Issues Management
To learn more about the program, contact the Department of Communication at (409) 880-8153 or

Communication Minor

A total of 18 hours of communication courses are required for a minor, of which nine hours must be upper level. The department will not accept any grade in the minor below a "C."

Required courses: COMM 1307 or COMM 1311 and COMM 1318 or 1373, and 12 other COMMUNICATION hours selected by the student with the approval of Department of Communication and Media advisor; nine of which are upper level. The chosen courses should reflect the enhancement of the student’s career plans or other life goals.